In previous post I suggested that it would be cool to have motion detection and 3D camera (like xBox and Kinect) built in to Windows 8 devices. However, Microsoft is building its Xbox Live online gaming and entertainment service into its upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Mike Delman, vice president of global marketing for Microsoft’s interactive entertainment unit, told the Seattle Times at E3 2011, that Xbox Live will become the central application through which consumers will buy games, movies and music using any of the devices. Is that mean there is no separate Windows App Store?

Windows 8 and xBox will get the same user interface; Modern Metro Interface used in Windows Mobile 7. Xbox Live currently only runs on the Xbox 360 home console and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices. Later it will moved to desktops, laptops and even for tablets. “There will be a lot of similarities in design and service philosophy,” he said in the report. “Whether it’s us or Apple or anybody else, people want to be able to navigate through multiple devices in a certain ecosystem very seamlessly so we’re committed to that.” Further more “Xbox Live will be the pervasive media service across devices,” he said in the report, later adding that Microsoft has “a ton of assets” and that “unifying the assets will be good for us and good for consumers.”.

It is a positive approach in terms of Microsoft as well as the consumer level. Microsoft has thousands of products that most of us are not aware of. They need to bring all these products into one place where we can search and use them.