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Are you a Windows 8 first time user? or are you struggling with Windows 8? Do not worry. These simple articles will explain what you need to learn about Windows 8 operating system from the scratch. There are couple of new components you need to know and master. I am sure then you will find Windows 8 so easy to work with and quite powerful.

Windows 8 Lock Screen 

Windows 8 lock screenSuccessful Windows 8 boot up processes will end from the Lock screen. Your Windows 8 experience will start from here. This is a new feature, we haven’t experienced before. You can personalize it to suit your self. In this chapter you will learn why Lock screen is introduced, how to enable or disable it, change the image, add or remove special Lock screen apps. Take the first step, learn more about Lock screen.


Windows 8 Start screen

Windows 8 Release preview Start screenNo more Start menu or Start button. Start screen replaces the Start menu in Windows 8. It is a better way to launch favorite applications, search applications and files. It is fully optimized for touch screens and even quite easily operate with hand gestures (Kinect).  Also, you can try all the functions through keyboard and mouse. Live metro style tiles are the highlight of Start screen. Live tiles will display the latest status of the application that it represents. Learn all the Start screen secrets.





Windows 8 Desktop explained
creen explained


Windows 8 Charms Bar explained

Windows 8 PC Settings explained (Metro Control Panel)

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