Easy to follow Windows 8 Tutorials

Windows 8 hacks created a easy to follow Windows 8 tutorials series to help you to familiarize Windows 8 and get the maximum out of Windows PC. There three categories of tutorials base on the user level. First time user, basic and advanced tutorials. It will have screen shots to explain each step as well as provide video tutorials to make it crystal clear.

First Time Tutorials

Windows 8 First Time Guide

Windows 8 user interface and functionality are different to Windows XP, Vista or 7. There are lots of new features like Start screen, and features like Start button and Start menu is taken out. If you haven’t tried Windows 8 before first time tutorial is the best place to start your Windows 8 journey. We will explain desktop, Start screen, taskbar and other components.


Windows 8 Basic Tutorials

Windows 8 basic tutorials will focus on basic functionality, which you require everyday. In this sections you will find answers to How to boot up a Windows 8 PC, use the Start screen, find and run metro and desktop applications, close them, switch between them, shut down computer and many more. If you are a general PC user we highly recommend to go through basic tutorial series.


Advanced Windows 8 Tutorials

Advanced Windows 8 tutorials is for power users who would like to experiment and customizing Windows 8 . These tutorial will require special skills as well as tools. We will cove installing or upgrading to Windows 8, registry hacks, changing the explorer.exe file, and many more.

Currently all the tutorials are base on Windows 8 Consumer preview (Beta). Also, We will regularly add new tutorials and update existing tutorials base on your feed back. Make sure you subscribe to Windows8 hacks, so you will not miss any updates. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you to solve Windows 8 related questions.

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