Windows 8 has reached to the final level (Windows 8 Evaluation for Developers) still we have not got any confirmation that Windows Start Button and Menu is available as a out of the box feature.  Windows community has come up with many different solutions for it. This one such solution.

Windows 8 Start Menu

Start8 is a Stardock product that will allow you to bring back start menu to Windows 8.  It will cost you $4.99 and you can try it for free.

It is much advance solution as you can use classic windows 7 style start menu or metro style start menu. Even you can enable the charms or launch even metro apps from Start screen. It’s an awesome solution and one you check out this video or try it out, you will ask why Microsoft did not come up with solution for Windows 8.

This is how Start8 works

If you are testing Windows 8 and missing start menu badly Start 8 might be the solution.