Here is the complete list of  Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that can be used in metro style Start Screen, desktop or metro application.  These keyboard shortcuts will help you to get things done effectively by navigating  through Windows 8 and launching system application you want.

Windows Keyboard

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Charms win + c Open Charms Bar
win + h Open Share charm
win + i Open Settings charm
win + k Open Devices charm
win + p Open Second screen charm
Search Type Keyword on Start screen Open Search Files charm with the keyword you typed
win + f Open Search Files charm
win + q Open Apps with Search Apps charm
win + w Open Search Settings charm
Desktop win + b Go to Desktop
win + d Go to Desktop
win +, Peek at Desktop
win + m Minimize all windows (desktop)
win + t Set forcus on Taskbar and cycle through running desktop apps
win + home Minimize Non-active desktop windows
win + 1-9 Go to the app ath the given position on the taskbar
Desktop Apps win + e Open Windows Explorer
win + g Cycle through desktop gadjets
win + r Open Run Window
win + u Open Ease of Access Center
win + x Open Power user commands
win + enter Open Narrator
Navigate win Toggle between Start screen and last open app
win + tab Cycle through metro app history
win + . (period) Snap metro app to the right
win + shift + . Snap metro app to the left
arrow keys (Start Screen) Navigate through tiles
Esc Cancel
Desktop Apps win + up arrow Maximum Desktop Windows
win + down arrow Restore Desktop Windows
win + left arrow Snap Desktop window to right
win + right arrow Snap Desktop
Magnifier win + + Zoom in (Magnifier)
win + – Zoom out (Magnifier)
win + Esc Exit Magnifier
Help win + F1 Open Windows Help
F1 Open Help for the application if available
Other useful Shortcuts

Shift Key + Restart Computer – Go to Advanced Boot Menu

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