Windows 8 Release Preview also know as Windows 8 Build 8400, Chinese language version is leaked to the internet. This was leaked to Chinease tech forum PCBeta and they have leaked some interesting Windows 8 RP Screen shots. You can find out some interesting changes made to the Start screen.

 Windows 8 Build 8400 Start screen

Windows 8 Build 8400 Start screen is same as the one we saw in Windows 8 Beta, except for one thing. It has more tiles. Previously it had only four rows and in Build 8400,  you can see six rows, which is a good decision to get the maximum use out of larger screen with high resolutions. Ideally Start screen tiles should adjust dynamically according to the screen size. However, I am not quite sure if this feature is added in Release preview.

 Windows 8 Build 8400 Desktop

Release preview desktop is same as what we have seen before. There are no changes that can be noticed. Explore and Library folder are pinned to the taskbar and Computer and Recycle bin is on the desktop wallpaper. Microsoft did not change their decision to bring back Start button. You it is clear that you have to survive with out Start button.

Image files Windows 8 RP English version is not available yet. Also, need to confirm whether we change change the language pack after installing the Windows 8 Build 8400 Chinese version. Windows 8 Release preview is to be launch officially on early June.

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Source: Images and the story from PCBeta.