What is hybrid boot feature in Windows 8?

Hybrid boot feature uses advanced hibernation functionality when the computer is shut down and allows the machine to start up faster next time.

In early stage of leaked Windows 8 build reveals that Microsoft is applying some hacks to make the Windows 8 booting time faster than Windows 7. Hybrid boot will reduce the start-up time after shutting down the computer since now they have to compete with the fast booting chromebooks that boot in less than 8 seconds. In this built they have given the option to switch between Hybrid Boot and classic shutdown. However, hybrid boot is recommend by Microsoft. It will be quite handy in Windows netbooks and tablets which requires a faster boot up.

How to enable hybrid boot in Windows 8?

  • Type “Power button into the start menu.
  • Click on “Change what the power button do“
  • Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable.” to Enable Hybrid Boot option which is recommended.
Otherwise you can access this through
  • Control Panel
  • Hardware and Sound
  • Power Options and System Settings
Windows8italia uncover the hybrid boot option in leaked Windows 8 early builds.