We have been reading lots of Windows 8 rumors and seen some new Windows 8 features through early Windows 8 build leaks. Unofficial sources confirm that Microsoft has already pass the Windows 8 build 8000. On top of that we started to see official announcements about key features of next Windows operating system through its official Building Windows 8 Blog. So far we have heard about its optimized Windows 8 Explorer, ability to access ISO and VHD files and Metro style interface.

Ribbon touch for the Windows File Explorer 


Windows Explorer is the back born of the Windows desktop. That will be the starting point for most of the files related tasks.  Microsoft has gradually improved the Windows Explore through out the years. Building Windows 8 blog revealed their three main goals when it come to design the file.

1.  Optimize Explorer for file management tasks.

2. Create a streamlined command experience.

3. Respect Explorer’s heritage.

Microsoft Windows8 team will be using the ribbon interface for Windows 8 explorer as it will fulfill the above mentioned three goals. Screen shots suggest that new ribbon design will make managing files much easier as you can find over 200 file related functions in one place.

Accessing ISO and VHD files directly from Windows 8


Accessing ISO files might not be a necessity for most of you but there are occasions that most of you might have to access ISO files. Then you required to look for third part software, such as POWER ISO.

In addition, Windows 8 will let you open Virtual Hard Disks straight from operating system.

“Another place we’ve simplified access is with Virtual Hard Disk files. Virtual Hard Disks are the format used by Virtualization software Hyper-V or Virtual PC. In a future blog post, we’ll talk more about the enhancements to Windows Virtualization technology, Hyper-V.”

These are couple of features that you will be able to enjoy soon with Windows 8.