Another area that was improved in the leaked Windows 7 Build 7850 (Windows 8 M1)  is the Disk Clean Up. First impression is it simple, clean and provide a clear picture of what sort of files are eating my disk space. In previous versions it only shows the temporary files, uninstalled program, downloaded programs files, Recycle Bin files  and all the other junk files. Now  it will show you large files, video files, music files, and picture files as well. Once you click on one of the above it will show all the files under specific type.

Windows 7 Disk Cleanup

Windows 8 Disk Cleanup

Feature that would be nice in the Windows 8 Final version

Schedule the disk clean up – It will be bit risky as it may clean up the recycle bin and temporary file which you might accidentally deleted.  However, you can always give a option to delete only the number of days old files from your computer. It will keep Windows 8 run faster and smoother without running disk clean up manually.