There are  two Windows 8 Control Panels. One is the classical control panel, which allows you to control basic system settings. Second one is the Metro Control Panel, which is called PC Settings. It helps you to controls and personalise metro style interface. Let us go into details.

Control Panel

Normal Control Panel is something we are quite familiar with. However, we need to follow different path to open it as start button and start menu are no longer presence with Windows 8. Simplest way to open control panel is to right click on bottom-left hand corner and select control panel. There are couple of other ways to get in to control panel as well. Look and feel of it is quite similar to Windows 7 control panel.

Pc Settings

PC Settings is focusing on metro style interface and application settings. This is the exciting bit when it come to the Windows 8 control panel. Something we haven’t see in other Windows operating systems. You can access it simply by opening system charm and click on More PC settings.

PC setting gives you access to personalize Lock screen, Start screen and Account picture Also you can manage users, notifications settings, search settings, share options, general settings, privacy settings, devices, wireless settings, ease of access, sync options, home group and Windows update.  You can find a detailed description about PC settings here.