Charms Bar is one of the new feature in Windows 8 and it makes faster and easier to access some functions where ever you are  in the system . To open the Charms Bar move the cursor to top or bottom  right hand side corner of your computer screen or from the key board press Windows key  +C. The Charms Bar will appear on the screen. (Screenshot is given below)

There are 5 charms appear in the Charms Bar -which are Search, Share, Start, Device, Settings. On your right hand side it will appear internet connection, computer battery power, current time and current date.

1. The Search charm allows to search any application, file or settings in system.

2. Share charm allows you to share with the running specific metro applications or via email.

3. When you select the Start charm, it takes you back to the start screen.

4.Device charm allows you to  access the devices which are connected to the system.

5. Settings charm allows  access the Control Panel (Desktop) and six basic functions and more PC Settings(Metro). Six basic functions are Network, Volume, Brightness, Notifications, Battery Power and the language.