Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) is only for testing. Strongly recommend to use a backup computer for testing as unpredictable issues may occur. Also, it is highly recommend to backup any files as you may loose them in the upgrade process or while using Windows 8 CP. 

It is quite simple to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 CP. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Go to Windows 8 Consumer Preview download page. Click Download Consumer Preview button.

Step 2: It will start Windows 8 CP installation process. First it will check the compatibility and click Next.

Step 3: You will come the Windows 8 Product Key Page. It will be provided as this is the beta and free to use.

Step 4: It will start downloading Windows 8 CP and it may take some times.

Step 5: After downloading it will confirm whether you are ready to install Windows 8 CP. Check Install now and click Next.

Step 6: After confirming few stuff it will come to the License agreement. Check I accept if you are happy with the agreement and click Accept.

Step 7: Then it will give you option to keep Windows settings, personal files and apps or just personal files or nothing. I recommend you to select the first option to  keep Windows settings, personal files and apps

Step 8: It will check whether you need to do anything else to continue the installation. In my case it asked me to uninstall Norton as the version I was using is not compatible with Windows 8. After uninstall any incompatible applications it may ask you to restart.

Step 9: Once everything is ready it will get a one last confirmation. Click Install.

Step 10:It will start the installation process. It includes registry update, user settings update and Personalize.

Welcome to Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If You have any questions leave a comment and we will help you to solve it.