In this post you will learn the simplest and fastest way to upgrade from Windows 8 consumer preview to the latest version of Windows 8 Release Preview. 

In the next couple of minutes you will be able to:

  • Upgrade Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Release Preview

Simplest way to install Windows 8 Release preview is use Windows 8 Windows 8 Release preview upgrade Assistance. It is user friendly and and check the compatibility before it installed. Here are the details step by step guide to do this.

What need to be done before upgrading?

  • Before you continue further make sure you backup all the files you require
  • Make sure you will not require this computer for any urgent matters.

Step 1: Go to Windows 8 Release preview Download Page.

Step 2: Download th Windows 8 Release preview-Upgrade Assistant.exe and double click on the application to start upgrading.

Step 3: It will start the upgrade process gradually and smoothly.

  • Check for the Application and devices compatibility and show you the full report.
    Check for compatibility
  • Grab the Windows8 Release preview product key. You may need this so note it down.
    Windows8 Product Key
  • Start Downloading Windows 8.
    Start Downloading Windows 8
  • When the download complete it will start preparing the files.
  • Accept the Windows 8 Release preview terms and conditions.
  • What to keep? Nothing is the only option available.
  • After all it will start Installing Windows 8

Windows 8 Release preview is simply amazing. Even though I spent number of hours in Windows 8 Consumer preview Windows 8 manage to give the fresh look and feel with its simplified user interface. Here are first couple of windows8 release preview screen shots.

Windows 8 Release preview Start screen Windows 8 RP File Explorer Windows 8 System informations Internet Explorer