Start screen is the main component of Windows 8. It is the new starting point. Revolutionised metro style Start screen add style and power to the new operating system. It replaced the start menu and provide a better interface  for keyboard & mouse as well as touch base devices. It is easy to use, can be personalized as you want as well as it is live. With that in mind, this post will explore the Windows 8 Start screen.

Start Screen

There are three elements you will notice as soon as open Start screen; the word Start, user name & picture and the tiles. Tiles can be dynamic (live) or static. Live tiles can display the latest status or the summery of the application. You can check the updates without opening the application.

Navigate through the Tiles

Just like other touch friendly interfaces Start screen continue towards right hand side. You can scroll left to right and right to left. Where is the scroll bar? It will appear as you move mouse pointer. You can use the scroll bar or move mouse pointer towards right or left hand side to scroll through the Start screen. Use arrow keys to move between tiles and press enter to run the application. Otherwise, simply you can move the mouse pointer to the tile and left click to run it.

You can view all the tiles, tile groups in one screen without scrolling by pressing the Zoom out button at the bottom-right hand side of the scroll bar. Left click on any area you want to zoom in.

Start Screen Secret Locations Explained

Location 1 and 2: Moving mouse pointer to the  top-left hand or bottom-left corner will let you go previously opened metro app. This will allow you to go to the desktop if that is the previous location. Equivalent keyboard shortcut is Windows key on the keyboard.

Once you move mouse pointer to the lower-left hand corner, move mouse pointer towards top left hand corner or from top-left hand corner to the bottom-left corner. It will open the currently running metro app charm. This will not include the desktop application, but it will show the desktop. Equivalent keyboard shortcut is Windows key + Tab.

Location 3 and 4: Moving mouse pointer to the top or bottom right hand corner will open the charms bar and metro clock. Equivalent keyboard shortcut is Windows key + c.

Managing and Organizing Tiles

You can move, change the size, unpin a tile from the Start screen or uninstall the application completely from the computer. Also, you can organize the tiles by grouping them and naming the groups.

Move a tile to the different location – Left click and hold the mouse and drag it to a new location. Rest of the tiles will re-arrange accordingly.

Change the size of a tile – There two type of tiles. Rectangular (large) and square shape (small) tiles. You can right click on the small tile and click Large on the option bar to convert it to a larger tile or right click on large tile and click Smaller to make it smaller.

Uninstall Application – Right click on the tile and click Uninstall to uninstall the application. This will completely remove the application and its information from your computer.

Group tiles and name them –  Zoom out the Start screen by clicking Zoom out button at the end of scroll bar and right click on any tile group. Then click on Name group to give a name to the group.