In Windows 8 Control Panels post we explained how to access  the  PC Settings also know as, metro control panel  and the classical Windows control panel. Now we will go through PC Settings options in details. Desktop background and  theme can be changed with classic control panel.


This is the first option given in the PC Settings. It will allow you personalize three metro interface: Lock screen, Start screen and Account picture.


Under Users you can Switch to a Microsoft account or Local account, create, change or remove password, picture password or pin for the logged in account. Also it allow you to add new users. However, you cannot delete user accounts or modify them. Login using a Microsoft is the killing feature of Windows 8. Once you login in with Microsoft account, your desktop settings, Skydrive files, contacts and many more will be synchronised and populated. You can do this with any Windows 8 computer and you will get to see the same look and feel plus content.

You will notice that there are three sing in options. Normal account password, picture password and pin. Pin will give quick access to your computer with four digit number.



In Notifications area you can control the messages / notifications passing  to lock screen or just popping up . Either you can completely enable or disable app notification or for individual apps. Action center in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center provide the same facility for the desktop environment.


Another new feature in Windows 8 is the ability to search apps, settings, files and information in individual apps from the same place. In another post I will explain how to master search function in Windows 8. Now you will have a idea that you can control how windows 8 search behaves from PC settings – Search, including delete the search history.


Share is another charm menu item added to Windows 8 which allow to share applications with other users. Through the PC Settings – Share you can show or hide people whom you share, number of items in the share history to be displayed in the share pane and delete Share history,


You can change time zone details, daylight saving, enable or disable App switching, spelling, and language settings through PC Settings – General. Also, it give you some advanced options such as Refresh your PC without affecting the files, Reset your PC and Advanced start up option.


This is exactly what you guessed. It allows you to enable/disable sharing your location , account name and account picture with apps.


This is the area you need to use to add or remove new external devices, such as printers. Also, this is providing metered internet  connections where you can control the data upload and download to prevent extra charges.



Always remember that Windows 8 is designed for portable devices such as tablets. This is the place where you can on/off Airplane mode or Wireless devices.

Ease of Access

You can on or off High contrast, Make screen size bigger, Tab through webpages and apps using caret browsing if you have problems accessing or viewing.

Sync your settings

This is feature that will help you to synchronize your computer with you Microsoft account. So, you can have the same look and feel and app setting from another computer when log in from another. You can pretty much PC settings, Personalize settings (Metro), Desktop professionalization settings, Ease of Access settings, Language preference and App settings.


Setup a HomeGroup and you can share libraries and devices with other computers on the network.

Windows Update

This is the last option in the PC Settings. Checks for Windows 8 updates and install if there is any updates available.