Last post we discussed about Norton Internet Security 2012, which is now compatible with Windows 8 consumer preview. If you have tried it you might have noticed that it is just the desktop application. With Windows 8 we would love to see metro applications. Norton released the 2013 beta with metro friendly interface.

Norton 360 - 2013  version

Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 products are available in the 2013 Norton product line.  Features and requirements are similar to the Norton 2012, and noticeable difference is the user interface. If you look closely there are couple of new features which is quite useful for Windows 8 user.

It is specially designed to provide the best security for Windows 8 Metro styled apps. Also, it can monitor internet usage. Simply you can check which application is consuming more bandwidth.

Google Norton 2013 beta to download it . You can try out Norton 2013 for 7 days without registering. One you activate it will extend to 14 days.