This is a basic Windows 8 tutorial that will show you how to group Start screen tiles and name them. Better way to organize the Star screen tiles for easy access.

Step 1: Go to Start Screen

Step 2: Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom right hand corner.

Windows 8 Scroll Bar and Magnifying Glass

Step 3: Right click on a tile block

Windows 8 Start Screen Tile Bloacks

Step 4: Click Name group in the

Step 5: Enter the name you wish to give for the particular tile group.

Windows 8 Name Tile Group

Step 6: Click Name button.

Step 7:  Go back to Startscreen and start arranging the tiles  according to the groups you have create.

Start Screen With Group Names

You can only name a group unless there is at least on tile moved to a group. So, if you need to create another group, drag a tile to the right hand side and drop it it will create a new group. Then follow the steps from step to to name the group.