Windows 8 Build 7955 – Milestone 2 (pre-released) is already leaked to many torrent sites and many of the new Windows 8 features been uncovered. There are some hidden features that you have to unlock. Let’s have a quick look at them and how to unlock these feature using Windows 8 BluePoison 1.5.1.

1. Application Folder

New Windows 8 Application Folder is available in all the three Windows 8 leaks. It is a simple folder with links to all the programs (applications) installed in the computer. Windows Start Menu is always been bit messy area where you will find all the executable files, uninstallers and links to help files. It is time to change that and move on with much more cleaner approach. At this stage it is just a simple folder but it might change the way we use the start menu in Windows 8.

2. Immersive version of Internet Explorer

You can see Microsoft is already start applying it’s Metro Interface from Windows Mobile 7 to Internet Explorer instead of Ribbon. I personally think Metro interface should be applied to Task and the Start Menu. It will be more stylish, user friendly in tablets and touch screens.

3. Modern Reader in Windows 8 7850

Modern Reader is the Windows 8 inbuilt PDF reader, hopefully replace the Adobe PDF reader. To open a. PDF press the combination Ctrl + O and select the pdf file you want.

4. New Task Manager in Windows 8 7850

WIN + R and (or click Start Button and type “Run” ) type the command taskui.exe (Task Manager)

5. Webcam Application

WIN + R and type the command webcam.exe. Webcam application allows you to capture pictures and videos with the webcam of our PC in a window closely with Metro interface design. It is another attempt Microsoft trying to move to metro interface.

We will update all the other Windows 8 leaks and features as we come across so make sure you stay tuned to Windows 8 Hacks.