Windows 8 build 7989 was leaked recently to torrent and FTP sites. Lets look at new features added to build 7989.

Hypervisor for Virtualization (Hyper V 3.0) blogger has uncovered the Hyper V3.0 in the Windows 8 Client OS (x64bit), Which was there for a while. According to him there are many improvements and capabilities added to Hyper V3.0. Some of them are Virtual Fibre Channel Adapter, Storage Resource Pools, New .VHDX virtual hard drive format, Support for more than 4 cores, Hardware Acceleration and DHCP Guard. []

More Windows 8 Build 7989 Hidden Features

There are more cool features hidden in the Windows 8 Build 7989. If you already installed the latest Windows 8 Leak you need to get the RedPill Enabler to unlock them. This was done by the members in the MDL forums. Hidden features includes icons in the ribbon explorer, new Task manager. You can download the latest version of RedPill Enabler is v1.3.5.1 from here.