Microsoft is experimenting a new file system called Protogon, which may be come with Windows 8. We quickly introduced it previously, while we were busy exploring the new Windows 8 leaks, features and improvements. There are not many Windows 8 leaks or news recently. So, lets go into detail about new Protogon file system.

Warning: Following experiments may causing loose data. Therefore make sure you try these commands in a testing machine where important data is not stored.

Format Hard Drive/Partition with Protogon file System

1. Open Command Line As Administrator
1. Click Start button
2. Type cmd on Search program and file
3. Right click on cmd.exe click on Run as administrator

2. Format Hard Drive/Partition
4. Type format X:/FS:protogon /Q X need to be replaced with the driver or partition letter. In our example I am formatting D drive, therefore command will be

format D:/FS:protogon /Q

5. Type Y for the warning if you are sure you need to delete all the files and data in the hard drive you want to format.

Warning: All Data on non-removable disk
Diver D: Will be Lost
Proceed with Format (Y/N)? Y

6. If it run successfully it should display the message “Format Complete” with the total disk space.

First thing you will notice that memory allocated for the file system is really small. In my case 64GB partition allocate only 2.12 MBs where NTFS and FAT system waste couple of GBs from the hard drive.

Protogon files system is in early stage of developments and can be seen in Windows 8 build 7955 and 7959. You cannot find formatting hard disk with Protogon option in the graphical interface (Right click on the hard drive > Format). In graphical user interface it only provides NTFS file system. Also, you cannot find the file system converting commands.

convert d:/fs:protogon gives the following message.
CONVERT is not available for NTFS drivers.

Running convert d:/fs:ntfs command on protogon hard disk gives the following message.
Driver D: is already NTFS. It seems like still Windows is recognising protogon file system as a NTFS. Most probably protogon file system is in early stage of development.

Information related to Protogon file system may change when Microsoft releases Windows 8. Biggest challenge is compatibility with previous operating systems and other file formats.