Since Windows 8 Build 8030 we haven’t heard much about any much Windows 8 news. According to WinBeta, latest internal build is 8042.0.110707-1940 which is a Milestone 3 build.

Microsoft compiled the latest build on July 7th 2011 and busy fixing incomplete and untested code and incompatibility issues with the new user interface. “That code will get plugged into a winmain build eventually. Work is being done to ensure the promised new UI is fully functional. In fact, bugs are being fixed at an exponential rate. This is a good thing, obviously. So things are indeed coming along.” says WinBeta.

In addition, Windows 8 will be integrated with lot of new services. Windows Live is currently in a Milestone 2 coding phase .

Rumors are spreading around that Microsoft employees are happy to use Windows 8 and using it as the primary operating system. Microsoft May release a CTP build of Windows 8 at the WPC11 on 11th July 2011.