Every Windows 8 lovers knows that Windows 8 Beta is out there for anyone to download and install. This is a great 12 minute video tutorial that will show you how to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview. You can download either installer or ISO image on your choice.  In this case I am downloading the ISO to install it in virtual machine.

Step 1: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here.

Step 2: Open Oracle VM Virtual Machine.

Step 3: Create New  Virtual Machine.

Step 4: Enter name (Any name you prefer), Microsoft Windows as the operating system and Windows 8 as the version. If you cannot see Windows 8 in the version drop down menu you have to install the latest Oracle WM Virtual Machine. Click Next.

Step 5: I will leave the default memory allocation and click Next.

Step 6: Create a new hard disk in the Virtual hard Disk and click Next.

Step 7: Create a VDI (Virtual Box Disk Image)

Step 8: Dynamically allocate the space and click Next.

Step 9: Leave the default values for virtual disk file location and size unless you want to create the virtual files in another location.

Step 10: Run the virtual Machine.

Step 11: When it boots up it will give a error message No bootable medium found! if you did not select the Windows ISO image under Select installation media . In that case you can select the ISO files from  Devices > CD/DVD Devices > Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file and select the Windows 8 ISO file. And Restart the virtual machine.

Step 12: It will start the Windows 8 Installation process. It is quite straight forward and easy to follow.

Windows 8 Consume Preview Product Key


Welcome to the metro style Windows.  Now you can experiment Windows 8 Consumer Preview.