Microsoft officially released the Windows 8 developer preview to the public without much restrictions. Anyone who likes to experiment can download it and install it. Most of you would install it without much problem, but lets me go through step by step how to install the Windows 8 developer version.

Make sure you install this particular Windows 8 version on a testing computer or virtual machine, which will not affect any critical data.

1. First of all download the Windows 8 developer preview (Evaluation copy Build 8102.winmain_win8m3.110830-1739). There are three options to select, 64-bit  build with development tools to build apps, and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools.

2. After you download the ISO files you can extract the files by using Power ISO, Win RAR or any other third-party ISO program. Then copy it to a USB memory stick. Installing Windows 8 developer preview using USB memory stick would be the easiest way. However you can burn the files to a DVD and install it to a testing computer.

3. Plug the Windows 8 USB memory stick and boot up the machine. Make sure that computer BIOS are changed to boot from USB device.

4. It will copy the initial files  and prompt you to select the language and the country. Then it will copy all the Windows 8 installation files and start extracting. This may take time and it will depend on your hardware.

5. After completing the step 4 it will automatically reboot the machine. Unplug the USB memory stick to avoid repeating the same steps over and over.

6. Your computer is start with Windows 8 for the first time and it will start making your computer ready for the new operating system.

7. Give your PC a name is the next step.

8. You can set up the wireless connection next.

9. You can select Express settings in any case you want to finish the installation quickly, otherwise you can go through settings one by one.

10. Finally you will come to the new metro styled Windows 8 interface.

Windows 8 have pretty basic system requirements. For testing purposes I have installed the new OS on a Netbook (EeePC – 2GB Ram), which does not have a touch screen. You have seen how Windows 8 works on touch screens. You can experience the same functions with the mouse pointer and keyboard. I will share some tips and tricks on how you can manage Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse.  I would like to hear your thoughts about Windows 8 installation and what you really think about new Windows 8 interface.