Windows 8 FAQ (Windows 8 frequently asked questions) will answer all the trendy questions related to Windows 8 and its features.

What is the release date of Windows 8?
Release date of Windows 8 is set to release in 25th October 2012.

What is the release date of Windows 8 Release Preview?
It will be released on first week of June. Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky revealed.

Can I Update to Windows 8 from Windows 7 for Free?
(Not confirmed by Microsoft) Microsoft promotion will provide Windows 8 Pro to buyers of Windows 7-based PCs for just $14.99.

What is the system requirement for Windows 8? Do I have to buy new computer?
Minimum hardware requirements are 1GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM (32-bit), 16GB of Hard disk space.

Do I need to have a touch enable device to work with Windows 8?
Not necessarily. Windows 8 can be work with keyboard and mouse as well as using a touch screen. Visit Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts for more details.

Should I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview?
I strongly recommend not to upgrade your working computer. Windows 8 CP is in beta version only for testing.

Where is the Windows 8 Start Button?
Windows 8 does not have a start button. It has been replaced by metro style Start Screen.


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