In this very short post I will show you how to enable Windows 8 Application Folder, one of the Windows 8 hidden features not confirmed officially.

Windows 8 Application Folder

Windows 8 application folder was there since the early Windows 8 leaks. However, it never got officially enabled in either Windows 8 Consumer preview nor Release preview. You can try the same old trick on Windows 8 Release preview to enable Application folder.

Step 1 : Create a new folder (any where you like)

Step 2: Rename it to Applications.{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Following video will demonstrate how to enable Application folder in case above steps are not clear.

This is a must have feature for Windows 8 that will allow you to launch desktop and metro application from desktop. You can pin Application Folder to Windows Explorer or Start screen for easy access. Hopefully Application folder will be live in the final release.