Many who tried Windows 8 consumer preview think Windows 8 is not user friendly. There are couple of reasons for this. Microsoft radically changed the user interface to compatible with touch screens as well as mouse and keyboard devices. In that process many known Windows components were replaced with new components or totally removed. For example Start menu is replaced with Start screen. Also, Start button is completely removed from Windows 8. Secondly, Windows 8 consumer preview (Beat) does not have guidelines for first time users, which is totally acceptable for a beta version. So, it is quite normal for you to panic. However, Windows 8 is quite easy to use when you familiar with it’s new features and capabilities. So, are you kind of lost with Windows 8? Not sure what to do next? or How to get back to Start screen? Just like L‘s dad.

Then I will show you a easy way to learn Windows 8. I have created a simple Windows 8 wallpaper marked with hidden corners and frequently needed keyboard shortcuts for you. Simply go to wallpaper page and download this special wallpaper and set it as desktop wallpaper by right click on the image and selecting set it as desktop wallpaper. Now you will have proper guidance when you need it. Once you install it this is how it will looks like.

Learners wallpaper in action

Let me know what you think about it and how I can improve this. Feel free to share it with anyone who is struggling with Windows 8.