Windows 8 downloads page brings you the latest Windows 8 builds, Security updates,  metro applications, desktop application, drivers, eBooks and many more to your computer. Microsoft officially released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) to public. Anyone can download it and experience the revolutionize metro Start Screen and apps. Windows 8 Release preview will be added to download page as soon as Microsoft release it to public.

We will bring all the free and paid downloads as well as reviews, screen shots and its features to help you make decisions. We try our best to provide the official download links or trusted download links. So, it will be secure and clean as well as faster.

Featured Windows 8 Downloads

Windows 8 Antivirus Programs

Windows 8 Drivers

  • Find the latest drivers for Windows 8. As it is still in beta stage most of the time it will not work properly with most of the hardware. However, new driver updates will address the issues and start providing support.

Windows 8 Hacks will not provide pirated software or illegal materials.

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