Xbox 360 with Kinect change the way you play video games. It allows you to control the game with your body movements. There are so many Kinect hacks that allows you to control the certain functionality of your computer as well. One of the first thing came to my mind is new touch optimized Windows 8 interface is ideal to use with Kinect (body movements). It will be a great if Microsoft can add this feature for Windows 8.

Your next tablet will be a 3D depth censers and RGB camera detectable camera. You will be able to control the tablet or desktop with your hand movements, so it will be the future remote control. You will have an option to use a touch key board as well as a virtual keyboard. However, there are no official announcement, rumors or any leaks related to support 3D motion detection with Windows 8. I strongly believe that you be feature that should be included for Windows 8.

Now watch the same video try to replace the touch with hand movements.