This Windows 8 hack going to involve some skills plus may affect the stability of the Windows 8. Therefore, make sure you try this on a test environment and backup if you have any important information. 

In this advance tutorial we are going show you how to customized the wording Start on the Start screen.

Step 1 : Go to C:\Windows\System32\en-US and locate the file twinui.dll.mui. Copy the file and paste it in a safe place as a backup.

Step 2: Make a another copy and paste it in Desktop for changes.

Step 3: Download and install the Resource Hacker and open the twinui.dll.mui file saved on the desktop.

Step 4: In the Resource Hacker, left hand pane, expand the String Table and then expand the 235  and click on 1033. It will display some values on the right hand pane.

Step 5: Change the string Start to anything you wish. Don’t delete the quotes. Then click Compile Script and got to File menu and save the file.

Step 6: Download the portable version of Force Delete from Malwarebytes and unzip it and open the program.

Step 7: Click on the browse button and go to the original location of the twinui.dll.mui (C:\Windows\System32\en-US ).

Step 8: Delete the file by check Delete file check box and click Execute.


Step 9: Drag and drop the twinui.dll.mui file in desktop to it is original location.

Step 10: Log off and log on or Restart computer to see the changes.

Full credit goes to Windows Blog Italia for showing us this hack. Windows 8 hacks change couple of steps to make the process easy.